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With Available Energy Incentives



Energy Rebates

Both the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario are encouraging homeowners to cut down on energy consumption, and save money at the same time. Many thousands of Canadians can benefit from a wide array of incentives and rebate programs purely by making home energy upgrades, retrofits, or renovations. The bigger picture, of course, is to diminish the negatives of climate change, but on a local level, the aim is to reduce energy usage and utility costs.

TopReno blown-in

The Home Energy Rebate is designed for homeowners who wish to improve the energy efficiency in their home. Rebates up to $5,000 are available to do upgrades or renovations that will enhance home energy efficiency. The idea is to reduce energy usage, and therefore reduce energy costs. Homeowners undertake two EnerGuide Energy Audits - one before renovating, and one after. Rebate dollars are designed to cover the cost of audits, upgrades and retrofits, all of which are energy related.

TopReno batt insulation
Fiberglass Batt Insulation

When you think about adding insulation to your home, the image that usually comes to mind is long strips of fiberglass insulation in faced batts or unfaced rolls. Batts of faced fiberglass insulation is the standard material used to insulate wall and joist cavities during new construction, and improving the insulation in attics often involves laying a "blanket" of unfaced fiberglass rolls across the attic floor.

But fiberglass batts and rolls have limitations for retrofit applications, and homeowners are wise to consider blow-in insulation as an alternative for improving the home's insulation R-value.

TopReno Spray Foam
Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Polyurethane Foam ( SPF) insulation is widely recognized as the most versatile insulating product on the market today. A professional installation provides incredible air sealing qualities, far higher R-value per inch, and even structural strength throughout the installed area thanks to the rigid qualities of the foam.

Simply put, spray foam insulation is a better option than any other comparable product or combination of products.

TopReno drill and fill
Drill & Fill

Don’t feel like taking down walls to re-insulate? No Problem! An insulation installer can drill small holes in existing walls between the studs in order to blow in new insulation, without requiring, without requiring the removal of existing walls.

TopReno Airsealing
Air Sealing & Weatherization

Proper air sealing and weatherization is an essential part of your home’s insulation systems. Sealing air leakage pathways not only makes a home’s temperature more consistent, but prevents the spread of water of moisture entrance, which in turn prevents mould growth.

TopReno removal
Insulation Removal & Cleaning

Upgrading existing insulation is a great idea, but first you may have to take care of previously-installed insulation.

There are many reasons to remove existing insulation, ranging from a decrease in effectiveness over time as the insulation has settled, to vermin infestation, to simply wanting to remove old insulation. Luckily, our trained professionals are able to effectively remove existing insulation cleanly, without leaving a mess!

By utilizing vacuum hoses and other professional equipment, existing insulation can be removed cleanly from home. Once the existing insulation has been removed, the area can be re-insulated with a fresh, new insulation.

TopReno Mold Removal
Mold Removal & Sanitization

When the existing insulation is removed there might be molds in some area of the attic. We will professionally remove them and sanitize the space before installing the fresh insulation.

TopReno Baffle
Rafter Vents / Baffle Installation

Baffles are chutes that, when installed properly, can provide a channel for air to flow from your exterior soffit vents up into your attic space. That airflow is intended to churn the stale air in your attic which helps to remove moisture and control the temperature of your attic.

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